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The Human-On-A-Chip Company

pioneers of human-on-a-chip

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Hesperos, which is the Greek word for Venus in the evening sky, is the leading light for research in human-on-a-chip systems. Our patent positions and the over 20 years of expertise of both Drs. Shuler and Hickman make us the company to work with for your most difficult problems as well as for cost competitive, routine, human-on-a-chip assays.

Our Mission

Hesperos, Inc, is a leader in efforts to characterize an individual’s biology with human-on-a-chip microfluidic systems. Founders Michael L. Shuler and James J. Hickman have been at the forefront of every major scientific discovery in this realm, from individual organ-on-a-chip constructs to fully functional, interconnected multi-organ systems which they coined "human-on-a-chip". With a mission to revolutionize toxicology testing as well as efficacy evaluation for drug discovery, the company has created pumpless platforms with serum-free cellular mediums that allow multi-organ system communication and integrated computational modeling of live physiological responses of functional neurons, cardiac, muscle, and neuromuscular junctions as well as liver, pancreas and barrier tissues. Created from human stem cells, the fully human systems are the first in vitro solutions that accurately recreate in vivo functions without the use of animal models, as featured in Science.


Simulating organ function


Unlike other tests that extrapolate organ function based on biomarker activity and protein analysis, our models are working systems that recreate muscle and tissue function, as well as neural and inter-organ communication. Functional reports generated by our models closely correlate to what clinicians observe in human clinical trials. Our tools also allow more accurate modeling of drug responses under realistic treatment conditions, including “chronic dosing” over extended periods of time.


Pushing forward

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"Currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot
accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies"

— Food & Drug Administration

human Biology meets engineering

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Data-driven analytics

The ability to collect and decipher large amounts of data is at the heart of our company. Our systems generate thousands of data points which correlate to key functional aspects of each organ.  Our custom analyses are then able to parse the data quickly and fruitfully to identify subtle changes in function alongside large-scale shifts in morphology and behavior, yielding insights into each drug.  These insights are highly valued by our industry partners as they are able to quantify the effects of their compounds on various organs, leading to more informed decisions through costly pre-clinical and clinical trials.